For Instructors

The Mendocino College Library provides several services to support instruction. A few are listed below.

Library Orientations
Have your class attend a library orientation where they can learn how to use the library research databases, learn how to tell if a source is reliable, and how to do proper citations. To schedule an orientation for your class, contact

Reserve Textbooks
Instructors often place textbooks on reserve for students to use in the library. These books are held at the front Circulation Desk. Most often, instructors will include reserve books as part of their syllabus. It is best to place materials on reserve several weeks prior to the beginning of a semester so that there is enough time to process them for student use. To access a copy of the reserve form to print from a computer, click on the Reserve Form. Please bring this to the Circulation Desk along with a copy of the text you want to put on reserve.

Books and DVDs
The library will order books (excluding textbooks) as well as DVDs that instructors request to support their class. If you have a reading list for your students and want to make sure we have a copy of the titles for your students to check out, send the reading list to Additionally, if there are book or DVD titles you would like us to add to the collection, just let us know by filling out the Suggest a Title Form.

Embedded content for Canvas
If you teach a class in Canvas, or use Canvas to supplement your on-ground class, you can embed content from some of the library's research databases into your Canvas shell without requiring students to do an additional login process to the databases. Currently, you can embed videos from Films on Demand.

Films on Demand
To embed a Films on Demand video, simply click the Apps (electrical plug) icon in the Rich Text Editor for any page in Canvas; scroll down the list until you find "Films on Demand" and then search for the video you want; click the "Embed" button next to the video you wish to use.


   Embedding Films on Demand - Step 1


Embedding Films on Demand - Step 2

           STEP 3

     Embed Button in Films on Demand